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Next meetings

Wednesday September 10th 2014 7pm

Wednesday October 8the 2014 7 pm

Wednesday November 12th 2013 7 pm
Susan Collins will present Dowsing for Health and Prosperity...more to follow

We meet monthly on the second Wednesday of every month  (except July & August).

Price : $5 at the door for non-members.
Membership: $25.00 a year


Satuday November 15th 2014
Mark your calendar...Susan Collins will be presenting Dowsing for Psychic Development at the Hintonburg Community Centre from 9 am - 4 pm...more to follow.


Routhier Community Centre

172 Guigues Street,   Ottawa

 (at Cumberland Street between St Patrick and Guigues) Lowertown, Ottawa.

Who we are

Ottawa Dowsers is a group of people passionate about dowsing, and we meet to share knowledge, ideas, and inspirations that encourage us to improve our dowsing skills and to make use of these pragmatic skills in our lives.


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