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Wednesday February  11th 2015  7 pm

Wanda Quinn will talk about how Crystals Speak - Crystals choose us!

Wanda is a gifted intuitive who has had a fascination with rocks since childhood. Later in life, she learned the healing benefits of crystals and began working with them on a daily basis both for her own healing and comfort and by including them in her practice. Wanda is passionate for helping others realize and live the life of their dreams. She does this through workshops, guidance sessions, energy healing sessions, and one-on-one intuitive development classes. When Wanda is not sharing her gifts with others, she can be found in nature taking photographs and hanging out with horses.

We have several of Susan Collins dowsing books available at her Seminar price...look for them at our next meeting or contact us at

New memberships for 2015 are available at the door.

We meet monthly on the second Wednesday of every month  (except July & August) 7 pm Routhier Community Centre.

Donation of $5 at the door.
Membership: January - December $25.00


Sunday February 15th 1 pm - 4:30 pm
Dowsing workshop at the McNabb Community Centre
180 Percy
Ottawa, ON, K1R 6E5
Percy is a one way street south...but there is also an entrance off of Gladstone between Bronson and Percy.
Open to all interested donation at the door.
Topics to be covered...external and internal tools, exercises to encourage confidence and awareness, hands on use of various tools, exploring energy fields, and much more.

Convention information for the Canadian Society of Dowsers is now on the and will be in London, ON this year - May 1st, 2nd, 3rd. This is an excellent opportunity to explore, share and lean more about dowsing...the group dynamics infuse one with confidence and determination to keep on dowsing. Share a room, share the drive and share the won't regret it.


Routhier Community Centre
1st Floor
172 Guigues Street,   Ottawa
613-596-0260 for more information

 (at Cumberland Street between St Patrick and Guigues) Lowertown, Ottawa.

Who we are

Ottawa Dowsers is a group of people passionate about dowsing, and we meet to share knowledge, ideas, and inspirations that encourage us to improve our dowsing skills and to make use of these pragmatic skills in our lives.

Services available:

Library with various books and magazines available for members to borrow.

Many dowsing books, dowsing tools and releated items available for sale on a regular basis.


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